Steve Foreman

Richmond, Virginia native visual artist, Steve Foreman has situated himself within art history’s painting tradition as a descendant of African-Americans and Indigenous Americans called the Mattaponi Natives of Virginia.

Steve Foreman, engages the symbols and visual rhetoric of the heroic, mystical, powerful, majestic and the sublime in his representation of historic black and brown cultures found throughout the world.

Visual vocabulary and conventions of legend, myth, history, and prestige to the subject matter drawn from the African American social fabric, the subjects references for his paintings are representative of History that is not supported in main stream education, prevails his imagery.

Steve Foreman often blurring the boundaries between traditional and contemporary modes of representation and the Euro-centric portrayal of history and reality as it pertains to the view of black and brown society.

Featured Paintings

Western ideals and norms criticized in his paintings which are representative of history. This juxtaposition of the “European” inherited by the “African or Indigenous” – who often have no visual inheritance of which to speak of.

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Steve Irrahatek Foreman is a Visual Artist and Painter who portrays has subject matter in Dynamic Compositions. His heroic paintings evoke a pride and dignity in a unique and contemporary manner, awakening complex issues that many would prefer remain mute.

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